Kate Winslet’s Ongoing Weight Issues

Posted by Chrissie on December 9th, 2008

Kate is one of those girls that always seems to be under media scrutiny when it comes to her ongoing weight battles, and her official answer thus far has been ‘I don’t care’. Kate has said that she is happy not having a perfect figure, and that she loves her body the way it is, curves and all. She has said this so loudly in fact that she almost seems to flaunt it. But if this is the case, why has Kate been spotted recently with a noticeably slimmed down figure? Kate recently showed off her voluptuous and sexy curves in a sexy Vanity Fair spread made a lot of talk about how she loves her every inch and curve and wouldn’t change it for anything.

I’m happy with who I am. I have grown more comfortable in my own skin for all its marks and scars and imperfections. There’s no such thing as perfect and I’m happy to be imperfect.

And though by most of America’s standards, she is pretty darn near close to perfect, many a woman would love to have a sexy Vanity Fair spread AND look as good as Kate did during it. But by Tinseltown standards, Kate is far from the normal size 0 and this is where the imperfect impression has stemmed from. But just recently, Kate wasn’t living up to her curvy talk when she showed up at the New York premiere of ‘The Reader’ when she appeared with a dramatically slimmed down version of her normally curvy self.

She is so much skinner than she has been in days gone by apparently that many people have even put her on the scary skinny watch. So here we have another situation where the celebrity wants to be normal and just love their body the way it is, but in reality, she works in an industry where scary skinny will actually make you the big bucks. Tough call. One thing is for certain, no matter what her dress size, Kate will always have that old Hollywood glamour look that will never stop being beautiful.


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