Kate Gosselin on Raising Her Kids: “Help Me!”

Posted by PZ on May 15th, 2010

Kate Gosselin and her dancing partner Tony Dovolani making an appearance at Live With Regis & Kelly TV Show

Kate Gosselin has had a rough time lately – she was recently voted off Dancing With the Stars, and is now back to reality (including a new show). She has taken to her personal blog to write about parenting her 8 children, which she admits is proving difficult, especially now that she no longer has a husband to help out with the kids. She describes a fight that the children had been having and adds:

“Help! Where is my referee uniform???? Honestly, this is every minute of every day in my house with eight kids!!”

She admits that it’s not all shouting in their household:

“OK, I’ll admit it. There are the sweet moments of love and compassion to balance these never-ending stressful encounters, but for some reason, these unloving loud outbursts are what I tend to remember. I’m to the point where I hold up my hand and say, ‘I’m not the complaint department, and I don’t like how black and white stripes look on me, so go work it out. If you can’t, I’ll help you.’ And I leave it to them.”

Kate also states that she sometimes feels like  “running in the other direction and hiding,” and that her 8 kids are “emotionally tiring and time consuming”. Despite this, Kate always manages to fit in time to have her hair cut and her manicure done, so I really don’t feel that sorry for her, but it’s about time Jon showed some love for his herd of look-a-likes too.

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