Justin Timberlake Likes the Smell of Beer, Says His Style Icon is Elvis

Justin Timberlake says he is a natural, low maintenance kind of guy, because the more products he piles on, the worse he thinks he smells, while he admits that by trying to control his naturally curly hair with various products it just makes it even harder to control, so these days he keeps his regime low key:

”I’m low maintenance all the way. It doesn’t take me long. I find the more stuff I put in my hair, the more it sort of fights it. And I don’t wash my hair a lot to be honest because I noticed it damages my hair more.”

Justin also admits he isn’t into smelling like flowers, preferring the smell of beer or the freshly showered smell. He advises guys not to overdo it with scents because a normal, natural smell is often more alluring:

”Call me crazy, call me weird but I like the smell of beer. I don’t think men should overdo their aura or let people smell you before you walk into a room. I like a fresh out of the shower smell. I don’t like smelling like flowers.”

Speaking on his style icons, Justin names the cooler Elvis era or Frank Sinatra as his favourites:

”Frank Sinatra or early Elvis Presley. Not the rhinestone-onesie Elvis, the cool blue-suede-shoes Elvis.”