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5 Stars Speak on Filming Difficult Sex Scenes

Posted by PZ on June 22nd, 2012

Filming sex scenes must be hard – you’ve got to strip off in front of your co-star, your colleagues and the cameras – stress levels must go through the roof! These 5 actors and actresses have all opened up on filming difficult sex scenes which they describe as awkward because of the situation they’re put […]

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17 Stars With Headphones or Earphones

Posted by PZ on July 25th, 2011

These 17 music loving stars are listening to their favourite tunes on the go. While some have oversized unmissable headphones, others are rocking much more discrete small earphones which they’ve plugged into their iPod or MP3 player. Some are en route to an event, exiting the airport or even working out to their choice of […]

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7 Male Celebrities Jogging

Posted by PZ on April 4th, 2011

Like looking at sweaty celebrities? Well, you’ve come to the right place – here are 7 male stars spotted jogging. Some are fitness fanatics such as Matthew McConaughey, who is always seen working out, especially on the beach (he surfs, he paddles, he’s an unstoppable workout machine) while some of these guys don’t look quite as […]

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Justin Long Felt Shame Over Nude Scene

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2010

Justin Long was in the middle of filming a scene, where he was wearing nothing but a towel when he accidentally revealed himself to Christina Applegate. Justin and Christina were filming for a new film, named Going the Distance. Justin’s towel drop surprised Christina, so much so, that the director insisted that he redo the […]

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Oh, Well, Here’s Something, Sort Of

Posted by Moxie on June 10th, 2010

Justin Long is apparently a fan of giving the ladies “special attention.” Yeah, that’s pretty much all there is to that. I mean, good for him (and Drew) and all, but this news would have been much more effective coming from, I dunno, Ryan Reynolds. I don’t care if Justin Long says he ejaculates the […]

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Drew Barrymore seems to be Just in it for the Long haul

Posted by MLE on January 15th, 2010

It’s the love that can’t be denied. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are caught necking (or passing grapes to each other) in West Hollywood during an outdoor lunch. London’s Daily Mail thinks it’s a big deal. I think they’re kind of cute.

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