Justin Bieber Secretly Designing Selena Gomez’s Engagement Ring?

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They may have been on-again, off-again for a while but it seems as though Justin Bieber is keen to make Selena Gomez a permanent fixture of his life. The couple, who were seen sharing a kiss at the Billboard Awards during the weekend, may be about to walk down the aisle – at least if Justin gets his way. According to reports, he’s in the process of secretly designing a dream engagement ring for Selena with jewellery designer Neil Lane. An insider said:

“Justin is planning to go through final designs with Neil in the next week. At the moment his favourite idea is a huge, canary yellow, princess-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds and set in white or yellow gold.”

Although Selena seemed happy to be free of Justin when they split up not so long ago, Justin continued to pursue her until she gave in and took him back. He apparently even got his mother involved in the break up – she talked Selena in to flying to see Justin so they could work out the details of their relationship:

“Justin kept relentlessly pursuing her with text messages, emails and phone calls, despite the fact that she dumped him last year. Justin’s mum Pattie also put pressure on Selena after coming to the conclusion she was the only one who could keep him on the straight and narrow. Eventually, Selena caved in and flew out to join him.”