20 Celebrity Junk Food Lovers

Posted by PZ on February 19th, 2011

From sweet-toothed celebrities to those with major fast food cravings, here are the stars who every once and a while take a day off from dieting and eat the junk food they are so fond of. From ice-cream cones to towering hamburgers and a selection of other miscellaneous delicious treats, here are the stars that snack on pizza, guzzle down Pepsi and chomp on chocolate to get their junk food fix.

Vanessa Hudgens

Katherine Heigl

Amy Winehouse

Miley Cyrus

Drew Barrymore

Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Kim Kardashian

Heidi Klum

Paris Hilton

Alessandra Ambrosio

Barack Obama

Katy Perry & Rihanna

Hilary Duff

Angelina Jolie


Jerry O’Connell

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