Josh Duhamel Tried to Save Tranformers, Was Ignored

Posted by PZ on October 13th, 2010

Life As We Know It premieres in New York City, New York on September 30, 2010. Pictured: Josh Duhamel Fame Pictures, Inc

When in Rome actor (ha!) Josh Duhamel has announced that when he pitched some ideas to help improve the new Transformers film which he also stars in, his ideas were shockingly pushed to the side and ignored. Josh confessed to pitching ideas for the film to some executives to help develop his character’s involvement on screen (and let’s face it,  the whole thing probably needed some new ideas – he wasn’t wrong about that):

“The ‘Transformers’ movies, my responsibility is running this military team that either is shooting at, or running away from robots and screaming orders. And I’m not knocking it, but that’s what I do – they don’t give me much more to do than that. I wish they did. I’ve pitched ideas to them, and they’re like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s a good idea…’ “

Josh says that he has enjoyed working on Transformers, and that the film is strikingly different when compared to his other upcoming film ‘Life As We Know It’ which also stars Katherine Heigl:

“Oh my God, they’re totally different. I mean, that movie is a monster. We’re shooting the third one right now and it’s huge. Fun, I have a lot of fun on it, but I don’t have nearly the responsibility that I did on a movie like this.  I like having a lot to do, I like the challenge of a character with real s**t going on.”

Josh, the actor with a million uses, much like how Blu Tack can be used to hold together the wings of a jumbo jet, but really shouldn’t be.  At least Katherine Heigl might save it. No.. no, just kidding. See you in the sale bin with a big yellow sticker over both of your faces (“Is that Tom Hanks? No, throw it back”).

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