Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Humiliated at a Taco Bell!

Posted by Rebecca on November 3rd, 2010

…and the world (me) laughs.

Jon Gosselin arrived at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on November 20, 2009 for a short layover and a smoke. Jon was recently in Hawaii for Philadelphia Phillies' Shane Victorino’s wedding celebration, which took place over the weekend on the islands. Jon despite all the negative media coverage and on going fight with wife Kate Gosselin the fans still flocked to the TV reality star for some autographs and photos. Fame Pictures, Inc

So Jon and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, got ribbed at a Taco Bell.  Looks like my night isn’t that terrible after all!

Says Radar:

“The Jon And Kate Plus 8 star’s girlfriend was so outraged at their treatment at the drive-thru of the restaurant in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, that she made an official complaint demanding that one of the employees concerned –  “the one with the wrap” around her head – be fired.”

Ohh, Snap. Here’s the sitch:

“On October 18, 2010, one of the servers tried to take a photograph of Gosselin on their cell phone, causing the seemingly publicity shy pair to become increasingly outraged about their treatment.”

Oh right, like we all believe that.  DON’T LOOK!  CAN’T WE EAT OUR GORDITAS IN PEACE, PEOPLE!?

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