John Travolta & Wife Accused of Child Abuse

Posted by Kimberly on May 11th, 2007


As most of us know, the Travolta’s are hardcore Scientologist just like good old Tom Cruise.  I’m not going to claim to be an expert on the religion but Tom Cruise has made it pretty clear that they don’t believe in medicine or psychology and think that pretty much everything can be solved with “vitamins and exercise”.  Unfortunately, John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have an austistic son and  a source close to the family says they are ignoring his problem, near the level of child abuse.  Oh, and this source actually has a name; Tim Kenny.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to call their treatment of Jett child abuse,” Ocala, Florida restaurant manager Tim Kenny tells Hollywood, Interrupted. Kenny claims he met Travolta at his restaurant in February, and, after “comping” the movie star and his daughter a meal per restaurant policy for celebrities, he asked him, “as one autistic child’s father to another,” if he “was doing anything special in terms of therapy” for Jett. Aghast, Travolta responded, “Well, we involve him in the arts.” Then, he offered to send Kenny a book, and high-tailed it out of the restaurant.

The Kennys also claim that Kelly and John “let Jett sit in front of video games all day eating junk food, while they eat the best organic food money can buy. They exclude Jett from all social events because they are embarrassed.”

“Once,” reports Kenny, “when Kelly took him to the movies, Jett started to have a meltdown and Kelly pointed at the nanny and ordered, ‘Take care of it.'”  don’t all celebs do this?

“Jett does not speak at all,” confirms Kenny. “He has not even been taught how to communicate. We struggle every week to pay for our daughter’s therapy. How dare he [Travolta] ruin his own son’s chances of recovering! We want to get the word out on this.”

I’m all for freedom of religion, but I think it’s really SAD when a child has to suffer like this for the parents beliefs.  And if this source is telling the truth it really sounds like it’s more of an issue with the parents than the religion to begin with.  Kenny, the source, thinks that child protective services should get involved.


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