Jessica Simpson Still Farts.

Posted by Rebecca on October 7th, 2010

Remember when Jessica Simpson farted in that business meeting amongst other disgusting, completely un-sexy things? Well, she’s still keeping it classy.

44980, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday Septemeber 15 2010. Jessica Simpson makes a guest appearance at Macy's in New York's Herald Square to launch her collection for the Find Your Magic campaign. The curvy Texan celebrated her 30th birthday the day before. Photograph:  Darla Khazei,

have you ever finished a whole Bloomin’ Onion? I have!

According to Jessica Simpson’s twitter page,  she’s frustrated with her flatulence:

“This link just made my morning! RT @OMGFacts: The average person farts about 14 TIMES each day! How to fart less? –>”

I guess less frustrated and more FASCINATED, like how a puppy chases his own tail, or how Britney Spears can’t stop staring into her milkshake (it’s so thick, yall!).  I mean, this has got to kill her Dad’s boner, big time, along with millions of chubby-chasers all over the globe.

Keep it real, Jessica.  I hear if you lose 10 pounds there’s a primo hooters hostess position waiting for you back in rural Florida.

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