Jessica Hart’s Dressing Tips, Top Investment Pieces & Fashion Freebies

Posted by admin on April 6th, 2019

Australian model Jessica Hart has flawless off-duty style and she has commented on how she usually invests in great shoes or a bag when she’s shopping. Jessica thinks timeless accessories are better to splurge on, and she doesn’t believe in wasting money on items that only last a season. She explained:

“I’ll spend more money on a handbag or pair of shoes. I mean, right now, I’m wearing Esprit jeans, a random white T-shirt and Converse. But then I’ll wear a nice bag. If you’re going to spend money, you don’t want it to be on a jacket that you’re not going to wear next season.”

Opening up on how she likes to get dressed, Jessica says that she often picks just one item that she wants to wear for the day and bases the rest of her outfit around it:

“[In the mornings] I might choose something I haven’t worn in a while and design my outfit around that. Or, I hate having to change my handbag because it accumulates so much stuff, so if I’m wearing, say, a grey handbag, then I’ll throw on something that goes with that.”

Jessica regularly works with Australian company Portmans on their commercials and she reveals that they generously allow the model to take home the items she’s worn on the shoot as gifts. She spoke on styling some of the freebies over the summer months:

“It’s close to two years with them and it’s become like a family. It’s a really good crew, hanging out with everyone is so good. And I get to take all the clothes home with me! When we did the commercial in New York, I took home these new twinsies. They’re two piece sets – a high waisted skirt and crop top. I think they’re so cool and I’ve actually worn then all through my summer. I didn’t need to pack anything else pretty much.”

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