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What Do Jesse James and Bill Clinton Have In Common?

Posted by Moxie on April 13th, 2010

photo courtesy of The center of that Venn Diagram would be pretty much empty, except for the words “serial cheater” and a bunch of semen stains. Radar Online is reporting that Mistress #5, Merilee Gerth, kept a bunch of raunchy e-mails AND a shirt with Jesse’s, uh, sample as evidence of their affair. The […]

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18 Unlikely Celebrity Couples

Posted by PZ on April 12th, 2010

I love unlikely couples – it’s often quite strange (and of course, sometimes hilarious)  to see two people who are total opposites get together in the public eye. I’ve chosen the best 18 examples of unlikely couples – some are old, some are recent – but all of them were unexpected for some reason. The […]

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Source: Michelle McGee Had a Fling With Carey Hart

Posted by PZ on April 11th, 2010

A source has come forward, claiming that Michelle McGee, Jesse James‘ alleged mistress, also had a fling with Carey Hart, who is Pink’s husband. The source who spilled on Michelle was her ex husband Shane Modica. According to him, Michelle and Carey hooked up: “I knew all about her fling with Carey Hart, because Michelle […]

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No Jesse James Sex Tape: Sandra Breathes Sigh of Relief

Posted by PZ on April 8th, 2010

There has been several reports coming from internet sources that there is not even just one, but several Jesse James sex tapes. Jesse, who was married to Sandra Bullock during his flings with countless other women, has come forward to say that there isn’t actually any sex tapes. Some sources were even claiming that there […]

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Jesse James Leaves Rehab in an Attempt to Save His Marriage

Posted by Angela on April 6th, 2010

Jesse James just entered sex rehab last week after it was revealed that he had cheated on wife Sandra Bullock with four different women, and he’s already quit. Jesse reportedly left the rehab facility after Sandra refused to take a phone call from him. From Radar: “Jesse desperately wants to put the marriage back together […]

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Rumors of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James sex tape

Posted by sparky on April 6th, 2010

I just read on The Daily Inquirer, that according to Showbiz Spy, there’s a sex tape of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, a sex tape that includes anal sex.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  This is what Showbiz Spy says you can see on it: The alleged tape reportedly includes James smearing feces on Bullock’s upper lip during various […]

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Quick Smacks: Has Jesse James Left Sex Rehab?

Posted by PZ on April 5th, 2010

Has Jesse’s sexual desire already been suppressed? Gossip Has Jesse James Left Sex Rehab??? – Adios, Betty! America Ferrera’s Ugly Goodbye – NY Housewife Alex McCord: I Drank While Pregnant – Tori Spelling: Dean and I “Not Headed for Divorce” – Music Sir Elton Eyeing Gaga Bond Duet – Videos […]

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Movers at Sandra and Jesse’s Shared Home

Posted by PZ on April 4th, 2010

A moving van has been spotted outside Jesse James’ and Sandra Bullock‘s shared home. Sandra moved out of their home over three weeks ago, and now that Jesse James is away in rehab she can finally go back to claim some of her things. X17 have reported that an L.A. delivery service appeared at the […]

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Jesse James Wants His Marriage to Survive, Love of Tattooed Nazis Comes Second?

Posted by PZ on April 3rd, 2010

It seems as though Jesse James has not given up on his marriage to Sandra Bullock, and that he wants to make it work. I  don’t think this one is up to him though, but depends on how gullible Bullock is. It might be a bit late to start saying sorry –  the two have […]

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Quick Smacks: Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side Tops DVD Sale List

Posted by PZ on April 2nd, 2010

Sandra’s DVD’s are selling out faster then Jesse James can heil Hitler! Gossip Sandra Bullock‘s The Blind Side Tops DVD Sale List – Friend says Jesse James wants to save marriage – Report: Kate Gosselin Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars For “Diva-Like Behavior” – Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas Split – […]

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Sandra Bullock Seen Out For The First Time Since Jesse James Scandal

Posted by PZ on April 2nd, 2010

Sandra Bullock has been hiding out since the news broke that her husband, Jesse James had several secret lovers. Sandra emerged from seclusion yesterday, donning a huge green floppy hat to cover her face. This is the first time Sandra has ventured out since the news broke two weeks ago, and she was as covered […]

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Quick Smacks:Jesse James Posed as Adolf Hilter

Posted by PZ on March 31st, 2010

The proof is in the Nazi Salute: Jesse James is about as sensitive as Tiger Woods was making his apology speech Gossip Jesse James Posed as Adolf Hitler While Dating Sandra Bullock – Jennifer Garner‘s Stalker Sent To Mental Institution! – First Couple Leaves ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – Ex ‘American Idol’ […]

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Jesse James Enters Rehab for Sex Addiction

Posted by PZ on March 31st, 2010

Sandra Bullock‘s cheating hubbie, Jesse James has checked into a rehab facility. Although it has not been released what he is receiving treatment for, the facility he’s in treats drug, alcohol and sex addiction – and I’m guessing he’s in for sex addiction, considering he’s been linked with 5 women in total so far! It’s […]

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Sharon Osbourne uses strong words to defend Sandra Bullock

Posted by sparky on March 23rd, 2010

I think I now know why Ozzy Osbourne professes his love and loyalty to his wife Sharon.  It’s because he doesn’t want her to sever his manhood for being unfaithful. Would she really cut it off if he were to cheat on her?  I doubt it.  But given what she said about Jesse James cheating […]

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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James: Both Contact Divorce Lawyers

Posted by PZ on March 23rd, 2010

According to a report, both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have contacted divorce lawyers. TMZ have reported that reps for Sandra Bullock have contacted multiple lawyers including Lance Spiegel who has previously worked on divorce cases for Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen and Michael Jackson. Jesse has also contacted lawyers but has said that he will […]

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