Jesse James Moves to Austin to be Closer to Sandra

Posted by PZ on June 20th, 2010

Looking frustrated as usual, Jesse James chats with his ex-wife Karla James and takes a moment to confront a pap while waiting for his daughter Chandler to get ready to be dropped off in front of her school in Seal Beach, Ca on June 11, 2010  Fame Pictures, Inc

Even though Jesse James and Sandra Bullock have ended their relationship, Jesse is set to move to Austin, Texas to be closer to Sandra. Why you ask? Because his kids love Sandra, and still want to be a part of her life. Jesse wants the kids to still see Sandra despite all that has gone on in the past, and Sandra wants to still see the kids too.

Jesse told TMZ yesterday that he will continue operating West Coast Choppers in Orange County, but also has plans to open a Cisco Burger restaurant,where he will work full-time, and have sex with tattooed hoes on his break I guess.

Jesse and his ex, porn star Janine Lindemulder are trying to make arrangements regarding their daughter Sunny. Jesse says he would like Janine to see Sunny and an attorney for Janine is saying that she is currently drug free – she has had substance abuse problems in the past.

Sounds like Jesse is trying to get his life back on track – although normally that doesn’t involve opening a burger joint and organizing visits for your porn star ex, but it’s the wholesome life he chose.

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