Jesse James Is A Stand-Up Guy

Posted by Moxie on June 22nd, 2010

Julie James England has come to Jesse James defense saying that the physical abuse towards him from their father is not false. Jesse James recently opened up about his abusive childhood to ABC s Nightline TV show during an emotional interview about loosing his wife Sandra Bullock due to his cheating and hurtful actions. After returning to his home in Huntington Beach, California from sex rehab Jesse James has returned to his daily routine of work and spending time with his children. On May 27, 2010 Jesse ex-wife Karla James picked up her daughter Chandler along with Jesse s youngest child daughter Sunny for school early this morning. Jesse then emerged from the home with his iPad in hand ready to head to work in his massive truck. Fame Pictures, Inc

Sweet zombie Jesus, this guy can’t take a step without a million shady doings coming to light. Has Jesse James ever done an honest thing in his life? At this point, it practically doesn’t matter – whatever good qualities he might have are completely obscured by his overwhelming sleaziness.

This time, model citizen Jesse James convinced someone to perjure himself so that James could get full custody of his daughter, Sunny. James and his ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, have been in a nasty custody fight over their seven-year-old; he had full custody while she was in jail for tax evasion, and now that she’s out, she’s looking for the 50/50 split they used to have. James has already told the courts that Sunny’s mother, a former porn star, exposed Sunny to unsavory characters, which may or may not be true.

This time, though, he’s out and out lied, going so far as to have Lindemulder’s ex-husband falsely testify that Lindemulder is currently addicted to prescription pills and once crashed her car into her house because she was so high. James’ dirty tactics didn’t work, though, because the ex, Jeremy Aikman, changed his mind and confessed by e-mail to Lindemulder. Essentially, he said he did it for revenge because he was so hurt by their break-up, which supposedly happened because Lindemulder put her relationship with Sunny before her relationship with Aikman.

I’ve been saying all along, any judge in his right mind would legally declare both James and Lindemulder unfit parents and give Sunny to Sandra Bullock. Her bio-parents could have limited, supervised visits with her only after completing a series of challenges, like wrestling flaming crocodiles and passing by a penis/tattooed vagina without hopping aboard. In fact, that’s such a brilliant idea that I’m immediately diverting all my resources from disaster relief in the Gulf to launching a “Free Sunny!’ campaign. What can I say, I believe in supporting a good cause.

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