Jesse James…a Big Steaming Pile of Douche (Still)

Posted by Rebecca on May 5th, 2011


Oh, just when we thought this was all over…surprise! It isn’t. In his book, American Outlaw, E! Online reports that James wanted to get caught, and then talks about how all of the women he slept with compare to one another. Wow, this is like, a total bathroom stall in a rural high chool, only with more Nazi paraphernalia.

On Howard Stern’s radio show, he goes super below the belt (HA, no pun intended!) saying that sex is 100% better with his fiancé, Kat Von D. Yikes.

James adds:

“I need to come out of the shadows and regain what I do best,” he said. “Just because I cheated on my wife and got busted for it, and it became a whole media s–tstorm, it doesn’t mean that I’m not valuable. I’m sorry it happened. I’m sorry it went down the way it did, but I forgive myself and now I can move on.”

Ugh, Gross, gross gross.

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