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Jersey Shore News: Snooki can’t party sober, Vinny wants to sell his sausage, and the Situation survived the first week of DWTS

Posted by Christine on September 22nd, 2010

First up, Snooki.  Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was on David Letterman last night talking about all things you’d expect Snooki to talk about.  In addition to many other gems of information, she gave Letterman a recipe for the famous Ron-Ron juice the cast drinks before partying it up at the club.  In case you are wondering it’s vodka, […]

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Yep. Sounds about right. JWOWW’s doing Playboy.

Posted by Christine on September 18th, 2010

Jersey Shore Guidette JWOWW confirmed to E! that she will be taking it all off for the Hef come winter.  The Situation on Dancing with the Stars, JWOWW in Playboy, hmmm, my next prediction is that a sex tape gets leaked. Thoughts?

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Snooki So Classy That Labels Don’t Feel Worthy Of Her Patronage

Posted by Moxie on August 23rd, 2010

So you know how people are jumping on the Jersey Shore bandwagon, trying to strike before the iron has cooled from a rigorous bout of L, post-GT? Apparently, not everyone is so happy to be associated with MTV’s merry band of skanksters, and are engaging in what can only be called “un-branding.” Snooki’s Coach purse […]

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The Situation Makes More Money Than Some Countries

Posted by Moxie on August 23rd, 2010

Today in “news that makes me so depressed I would kill myself if it didn’t mean my tens of thousands of dollars in student loans would revert back to my aging parents”: Mike “The Situation” Notgoingtobotherwithalastnameanymo’ is set to rake in $5,000,000 this year. Yeah. That’s a 5 followed by not 4, not 5, but […]

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Julianna Margulies Needs To Relax

Posted by Moxie on August 22nd, 2010

But don’t suggest a good romp in the hay as the cure for what ails her because she will probably seduce you and then rip your head off. Margulies and other castmembers of The Good Wife were in a press-session when the star started bragging about the “groundbreaking” oral sex scene that this season would […]

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Jersey Shore Gets a New Addition: Deena Nicole Joins Cast

Posted by PZ on August 9th, 2010

Jersey Shore fans – your in for a treat. Willy Wonka’s factory is running almost without staff at the moment, because another tan-tastic Oompa-Loompa is joining the cast of Jersey Shore. Her name is Deena Nicole,  and she is native to Jersey Shore. She is set to stay at the Seaside Heights crib with her […]

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10 Jersey Shore Fashion Crimes

Posted by Rebecca on August 5th, 2010

Jersey Shore is TV crack cocaine. As soon as we tried it, we couldn’t get enough. Though I’m ashamed to say I watch the show, I’m not ashamed to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with this whole Guido/Guidette fashion direction. I mean, does everyone want to look like a living, walking anus? Apparently so. And […]

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Free Snooki!

Posted by Moxie on July 30th, 2010

photos courtesy of TMZ and Noooooo! Snooki got arrested, y’all! I hate for the words “it was inevitable” and “I’m frankly stunned it hasn’t happened before now” to leave my fingertips, so I won’t harp on that part too much in favor of saying: this will not stand, Shnickers. Your adoring public will save […]

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The Situation Gives BP The Business

Posted by Moxie on July 14th, 2010

Actually, “The Business” would be a great Jersey Shore nickname, but in this case, it’s just The Situation’s opinion on the way the BP oil spill will affect beach culture. And regardless of how you feel about his expertise on things like fragrances, clothing, rap, women, or not being a huge creeper, you have to […]

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J-WOWWing The Fashion World?

Posted by Moxie on July 5th, 2010

Yeah, not so much. Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley of Jersey Shore infamy debuted her clothing line “Filthy Couture” at Ghostbar in Las Vegas’ Palms Resort & Casino. Possessing all the elegance and modesty that one would expect from a girl who regularly wears shirts made of less material than a tampon, the designs are mostly clubbing […]

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The Situation Wants You To Wear Him Like A Cheap Suit

Posted by Moxie on June 24th, 2010

Not him, actually, just his clothing line. And it’ll be ugly, but it will probably be insanely expensive, too. Everything will still smell like Nightswept and Dep, though. The Situation (I’m not even going to pretend he has a real name) is collaborating with Dilligaf by Bohica Bill (geh?) to create a line of “wearable […]

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The Situation Will Make You Wet

Posted by Moxie on June 14th, 2010

…with blood as it spills out of your ears because, oh mein Gott in Himmel, he’s releasing a rap song. This is the tactic of pretty much every sexual predator who’s too ethical to actually roofie you. Release a terrible rap song and let the skanks come a-flockin’. It’s the same method used by those […]

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Slowest News Day Ever

Posted by Moxie on June 10th, 2010

Seriously, I got nothing, so here’s a picture of The Situation having an ab contest with John Mayer. Grate cheese versus cottage cheese. GTL, John, GTL. I think what’s most confusing about this picture is not why these two are hanging out together (John’s clearly trying to get in on the goodwill that the world […]

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Hilariously Gross Post Of The Day: A Tale Of Reality TV And STDs

Posted by Moxie on June 4th, 2010

The New York Post published an article featuring several quotes from people involved in reality TV, producers and talent alike. The article is barely more than a blurb, but it drops a few truth-bombs that are so gross you have to laugh. Dr. Drew Pinsky of Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab, curse his unprofessional fame-whoring heart, said […]

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Fist Pumping For Love Teaser

Posted by PZ on May 9th, 2010

Here is a new teaser of Fist Pumping For Love which is a new show that Heidi Montag‘s husband, Spencer Pratt has helped create. The show follows Emilio Masella, who previously dated Snooki from The Jersey Shore series, as he looks for a new love. The teaser shows him hitting the clubs, doing a few […]

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“Jersey Shore” Girls Look Less Like Mutants Than Usual

Posted by Moxie on April 14th, 2010

photo by Danielle Levitt, courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar They look pretty damn good, actually. Sammi, J-Woww, and (my personal favorite) Snooki posed for some highly-stylized before-and-after shots for Harper’s Bazaar. The photos show them going through typical “Charm School” lessons and then dolled up like totally classy ladies. See the “after” photo after the jump!

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Are You Brave Enough To Sleep In The Jersey Shore House?

Posted by Alyssa on March 10th, 2010

If you have all of your shots and feel like Seaside, New Jersey is where you want to spend your vacation, you can now rent the Jersey Shore house for $2500 per night. If you, like others, just want to take a look inside the house, don’t even think about it, because to get in, […]

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Snooki on campus – pot calls kettle black No. 1

Posted by MLE on March 4th, 2010

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi appeared at James Madison University yesterday – for what purpose, I have no idea – and performed her signature back flip for students, according to She also told students that it takes two seconds to poof her hair, she prefers “Subway” pickles and she can get sexy lingerie anywhere. Presumably there […]

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Quick Smacks – Kim Kardashian releases iphone app, now you can pay to read her tweets!

Posted by PZ on March 2nd, 2010

” My iphone app is going to be bigger then by oversized beyonce booty. Oh damn, I’m stuck in my chair again” Gossip Kim Kardashian Releases iPhone App – Brighton Beach: The Russian Jersey Shore? – Christina Milian Gives Birth to Baby Girl – Hollywood Couples We’re Rooting For – Music […]

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Snooki wants to trademark her unique moniker

Posted by Christine on February 16th, 2010

Well, she’s definitely got a point.  No one would probably want the name or could even live up to the name.  However, Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, to gain the sole right to use her nickname.  According to the application, first obtained by the Smoking […]

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Jersey Shore to hit South Beach?

Posted by Christine on February 10th, 2010

First it was rumored that the MTV cast would terrorize Sea Isle City but then that rumor was quickly nixed.  Now, the MTV reality show is supposedly set to start filming Season 2 in South Beach.  Apparently, MTV has rented a house and is currently renovating it for the arrivals of J-WOWW, Snooki, The Situation, […]

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Dear God I hope there isn’t a Snooki sex tape…

Posted by Christine on February 2nd, 2010

Yes, three words that you never ever want to hear in a sentence, Snooki Sex Tape.  Want a guaranteed way to make your 15 minutes of fame last longer?  Yep, the answer definitely is leak a sex tape.  Radar reports that everyone’s favorite guidette, Nicole Polizzi, 21, has video and photos that are being shopped to […]

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Jersey Shore- The Sequel!

Posted by Alyssa on February 2nd, 2010

I feel a growing amount of shame as I enthusiastically inform you all that there will be a season 2 of “The Jersey Shore.” The first season was so trashily enthralling that a second season is already lined up and will feature the same faces we have all grown to love (and laugh at). According […]

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Grammys Fashion Report: Snooki

Posted by Christine on January 31st, 2010

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, The Princess of Poughkeepsie, everyone’s favorite Guidette is shown here on the red carpet wearing a purple Guess by Marciano bandage dress and black ankle booties earlier tonight before the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center.  Not bad overall, definitely nothing special but she’s only there at MTV’s correspondent not opening the show so I’m […]

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