Jersey Shore Cast Preparing For Their Time In Italy

Posted by Katie F. on May 16th, 2011


After facing some delays, the cast of Jersey Shore has finally landed in Italy to start shooting season 4 of the show. Before arriving, some of the cast members began to prepare for their time in the country. Ronnie ordered software to help teach him how to speak Italian.

“I need to know how to order grilled chicken when I get down there. I can’t have pasta every day!”

Snooki is concerned about eating pasta everyday too and is worried that she and her roommates are “all gonna get fat.” She has been adhering to a strict diet in order to lose weight and doesn’t want to eat so many carbs. The pint-sized star is also worried about interacting with the locals because none of the cast mates speak Italian.

For a group of people who constantly brag about their heritage, it’s pretty sad that none of them can actually speak Italian…and that they’re only worried about being able to order chicken.

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