Jennifer Lopez Explains Why She Took Her Daughter to the Chanel Show

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At 4-year-old, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme was by far the youngest attendee at the recent Spring/Summer 2013 Chanel show, and her front row antics almost stole the limelight – so why did Jennifer decide to bring her along? She explains that Emme is a huge fashion fan already, and she really wanted her to see how beautiful the show was, she didn’t realize how easily it would be for the press to get close:

”I thought it would be a good idea. My daughter loves fashion – she’s four years old, but she loves clothes and dressing up, like all little girls. And so I thought: ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to take her to the beautiful Chanel show?’ It’s always so beautiful, kind of like a fantasy life. And I hadn’t been to a fashion show in a long time, and when I got there, I forgot that the press can kind of just run up to you.”

Emme even stirred controversy for her expensive outfit. She wore a quilted butterfly purse by the label and a Chanel logo brooch for the event, amounting to £1,400-worth of accessories, which many thought was over the top, but Jennifer explains that the designs don’t belong to her or her daughter, the French label lent them the items just for the show and took them back after:

”She wore [it] because I wanted her to have something Chanel on her. She had a little Chanel bag that they gave her, and a little Chanel pin that they lent us.”