Jennifer Hudson Hasn’t “Mentally” Accepted Her New Weight

Posted by PZ on April 27th, 2011


Even though Jennifer Hudson has gradually been losing weight for the past two years (a grand total of around 80lbs) she says she hasn’t accepted her new figure yet. She says that when she goes shopping, she still looks for large sizes before she remembers that she has lost weight. She revealed:

“I’m still not used to my new self yet, so I’m figuring out who I am right now. Like, how do I want to be perceived? Who am I? Along with a physical change, it is also a mental change, so my mind has to play catch up with what everybody else sees. I haven’t got there yet. I go shopping and pick up an outfit in an extra-large or large. Physically I might be right, but not mentally.”

When it comes to dressing, Jennifer says she finds it much easier now, and has fun getting ready with her stylist for events – but she has to find that wow factor when she’s getting ready or she won’t wear it – it has to make her feel great:

“It’s much more fun getting ready now and it doesn’t take as much time. I’m rediscovering my own style. My stylist is Eric Archibald and if he doesn’t get that ‘Oh my God!’ factor from me, he loses his mind. He has to have a sip of coffee or champagne and come back to me! We have to have that ‘Oh my God’ moment for everything, and feel good about it.”

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