Jennifer Aniston Got Her First Tattoo

Posted by Katie F. on June 27th, 2011

Jennifer Aniston gets her first tattoo in honor of her dog


Jennifer Aniston has joined countless other celebs who have tattoos.

Photographers noticed something a little different about the 42-year-old actress while she was walking around New York on Friday. Aniston now has a tattoo on her right foot that says “Norman.” It’s her first tattoo.

Why Norman? Well, it’s the name of her beloved Welsh corgi-terrier mix who died in May. The dog was 15 years old. At a taping of Inside the Actors Studio on Thursday, Aniston got a little emotional when asked about her pet. She teared up as she admitted that “Norman” is her favorite word.

Tattoos were the topic of her double date on Saturday as well. While still in New York, Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux joined Jason Bateman and his wife for dinner. Theroux showed off his own tattooed torso to Bateman.

Jennifer Aniston gets a tattoo on her foot in honor of her dog

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