Jamie Oliver Can Cook, Can’t Dress (At Good Morning America)

Posted by PZ on April 6th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com

If you passed Jamie Oliver in the street, and didn’t know he is the multi-millionaire lip-smacking chef that he is, would you even look twice? Not in the outfit that’s for sure. Jamie might be able to whip up the dinner of your dreams in under 30 minutes (complete with orange drizzle cous cous and home-made mayo) but while he can dress a salad, he can’t dress himself. I don’t care that he doesn’t work in fashion, he’s that man that forces us to confront all the bad things we put into our bodies, yet he doesn’t seem to care much about the clothes he puts on his.

Every man should take some pride in their appearance, even if they aren’t avid fashion followers. How hard is it to get a nice pair of tailored trousers and some smart loafers? Not hard, especially when your rolling in dough, literally and figuratively. Jamie looks seriously bad in those ill-fitting jeans (25 years old and over just shouldn’t wear jeans), stripe jumper and farmer’s hat (those hats should be reserved for bald men or men having a mid-life crisis only). Come on Jamie, David Beckham can do it, why not you?

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