Ivanka Trump Inspired by Motherhood to Design “Multifunctional” Clothing

Posted by admin on September 6th, 2017


Ivanka Trump, who has two young children – Arabella and Joseph – has opened up on how motherhood has influenced her own fashion line, the Ivanka Trump collection. She explains that her own tastes have not been altered since welcoming a family but she now designs her pieces to be as “multifunctional” as possible because she thinks it’s what women need to get through their day while still feeling and looking their best. She explained her shift in ideas since becoming a mother:

”It hasn’t changed my style so much as it has influenced the pieces we’re creating for the Ivanka Trump collection. Multifunctional is key.”


Ivanka’s business-like style is powerful yet elegant and she says she always gravitates towards very “feminine silhouettes” that are also able to “transition” from one use to another. She loves when a dress is comfortable enough to allow her to play with her children and can also then look the part when she has to see to business duties or even go out for dinner. She believes having something that works in every situation is what makes her feel good about herself throughout the day because she’s not worrying about her appearance:

”I appreciate feminine silhouettes that seamlessly transition from one facet of life to another. For me, it’s a great dress that I can wear to play with the children before school, then feel comfortable in on a construction site, confident in while negotiating a deal, and later feel elegant in when meeting my husband for dinner.”

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