Is ‘Sex and the City 2’ anti-Muslim?

Posted by sparky on May 25th, 2010

Sex and the City 2 premiere New York City.

Is ‘Sex and the City 2‘ anti-Muslim?  I don’t see it.

No doubt,  some Muslims won’t be too happy with the movie.  No – there’s no graphic representation of Muhammad.  And it’s not because it will probably be a really horrible movie.   Though this is a legitimate reason to be upset.  Rather, it’s because of the way the movie portrays Muslim society, as ‘puritanical and misogynistic’ as The Hollywood Reporter puts it.  In one scene the 4 ladies are rescued by Muslim women who strip off their burqas to reveal their much less modest Western outfits.

If this is an attack on Muslim culture, it’s pretty lame.  Of course, burqas are pretty inhumane.  But showing women ripping them off is hardly anti-Muslim.  It’s just a fashion statement.

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