Is Jessica Biel Boring?

Posted by Chrissie on November 12th, 2008

Yes, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are still one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. By Hollywood standards, these two should be practically married by now, but I guess time will tell on that one. And though by all glimpses it may seem that Jessica is working a very glamorous lifestyle, jet setting, attending trendy clubs, and hanging out with hot beau Justin Timberlake, she says when it comes right down to it, she is really quite boring. When she is not working on a film or hanging out with Justin, she likes to do the gentrified thing and hang out at home with her dog. She says in fact that if she is given the choice of attending a hot glamorous Tinseltown party, or hang out at home with her pooch, the pooch will win every time. She says she works so much that she rarely gets down time, and so that when she does, she takes her R & R seriously. She is far above the need to ‘be seen’ and prefers to just take care of HER when it comes right down to it. She says:

Occasionally I do go out but I’m rarely out and about at the ‘cool place to be.’ I’m not nearly cool enough. I’m way more boring than you might perceive me to be.

Jessica Biel?!? Boring?!? I have to think that many of her fans that lust after her would think otherwise. And just because one likes to hang by the homefront instead of battle the crowds and the media frenzy, does not make one boring. Maybe by Hollywood standards, but by America’s standards, hanging out at home after a long week of work is actually, well, pretty normal. She can’t stand the constant media frenzy and even finds it invasive. Though she does consider herself lucky to have many perks of the Hollywood lifestyle at her fingertips, she finds the paparazzi situation a little too much to contend with at times, and just prefers the homestead.

And we know that last year Jessica reportedly got so fired up over the photographer gaggle that she launched a tirade of abuse at them and reportedly even hit one with her umbrella. Though not EVERY celeb acts accordingly with the paps, it does go to show that enough is enough at times. And so maybe a few quiet evenings at home won’t hurt her, but it certainly does NOT make her boring.


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