Is Eva Longoria Preggo?

Posted by Chrissie on June 12th, 2008


There have certainly been some whispers about the Parker-Longoria camp about to expect a little bambino sometimes in the near future. And with pregnant bellies being the latest accessory in Hollywood these days, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising.

Who knows? But as seen here, Eva was recently spotted shopping at Ferragamo with her stylist Verdi, wearing a loose fitting sundress and clutching a large bag towards her belly and it had the sales ladies talking which ultimately led to yes, the rest of the world blabbing about it.

In fact, the emphatic answer from the Longoria-Parker camp is that NO they are not expecting, nor will they be any time soon. Verdi, Eva’s stylist, claims to have first-hand knowledge on the topic. She says while she may not be Eva’s gyno, she has dressed the girl and no, no bumps for Eva right now.

In terms of the Ferragamo shots, Verdi says that the handbag Eva was holding was one she had just bought. And I have to say, Eva certainly isn’t looking very pregnant, loose fitting dress or no, is she?

But this is not the first time that Eva has had to deny these claims, as some people couldn’t help but notice she got a little puffy recently. She chalks it up to the Writer’s Strike 10, the 10 that she gained just from eating during the strike when she had nothing else to do.

I gotta wonder, where did Eva put those 10 pounds? Is it just me? I don’t see it! However, I can’t help but wonder as well, when rumors start circulating, you know what happens next….


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