Is Bill Murray a “Hollywood Horseman Of The American Apocalyse”?

Posted by PZ on July 27th, 2010

Apr. 27, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - BILL MURRAY arriving at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of ''Get Low'' at BMCC/TPAC Theatre in New York City on 04-27-2010. 2010..K64683HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures

Ever wondered what’s wrong with America? and ever come up with Bill Murray as the answer to that question? Well, someone has. According to, Bill Murray is the sum of all that is awful about America’s current financial, and perhaps cultural situation. They say that Bill always plays the same role – the drunk guy who is weak, apathetic and is a foolish, disheveled drunkard. Bill is “weak” and makes people think it’s ok to be just as weak and fed up as he is. The site says:

“He is a weak man, a murderer of lambs, a despicable hedonist who waves the white flag welcoming the end of American moral and economic primacy. He is a harbinger of our death as a culture, the death of that preëminent philosophy of faith married to capitalism that has saved the world countless times from repression and annihilation. Bill Murray is a fatal disease and the sad news we bring you today is that your children have been infected.”

They seem to be saying that Bill is nothing more then a two dimensional character who walks around aimlessly getting drunk or doing nothing (ah, we’ve all seen Lost in Translation) but that’s not true – Bill’s roles are much more then just that – he may play the same old man in a lot of his roles, but at the end of each film, he’s grown into someone with actual emotions – and this is what’s pure about his performance – you don’t feel as though it’s that acted. I wouldn’t say that Bill is anything of a role model – and he may not be physically a strong man, but he is certainly a smart man, and a convincing actor, which is better then having a brain dead muscle man as a hero.

The site seems to blame Bill for making people believe it’s ok to act like his characters – but what about bland teenage comedies that make lame sex jokes and influence kids to do stupid things? Aren’t these more poisonous and brain dead? If you sat down in front of The Life Aquatic (a Murray classic) and Sex Drive (a brain dead teenage mind numbing experience) you might understand the difference between the two – which one makes you understand a little more about the real world, and which one makes you want to make fun of the shape of a banana?

Check out what they said about Bill here.

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