Iron Mike Tyson Involved in a Bloody Incident at LAX

Posted by sparky on November 11th, 2009

TMZ is reporting that Mike Tyson was arrested at LAX.   According to the LA Times, he was not arrested, but was in some sort of bloody altercation with a photographer outside the United Airlines terminal.

How do I feel about Iron Mike’s latest adventure with violence?  I’m not sure.  Part of me feels sorry for the guy.  Some of these paparazzi deserve a good walloping.  But then again, part of me feels like Tyson needs to learn how to cool his temper.

I sort of felt a little bad for Tyson after his rape conviction.   He probably wasn’t a gentleman with Desiree Washington.  But was there good evidence that he raped her?  I didn’t see it at the time of the trial.  It seemed like it was his word against hers.   Now that he’s in trouble with the law once again, his word is looking less and less credible.

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