Idol Drug Party

Posted by Kimberly on May 7th, 2007


Gotta love Chris Sligh and his blog, he gives out more dirt even when he doesn’t try.  In his latest post, he denied leaking a story to the tabloids about alcohol and drug filled Idol party. The party took place last weekend at 12th place contestant Brandon Rogers house, where lots of liquour was flowing and even marijuana….care of none other than Sanjaya’s drug dealing mama, who was apparently the life of the party and got high with some of the contestants.

I can universally deny my involvement with anything to do with TMZ because I knew of a party at Brandon’s house but knew nothing of what went on at the party. I wasn’t at the party nor was I invited to the party. If any drug use happened among contestants on the show, I never knew anything about it. I know some of the contestants enjoyed drinking on nights off, but I never heard of any drug use. I definitely never saw any drug use.

Even though Chris denies being the mole, L & A Rag Mag (a blog owned by the ex Amazing Race contestants) says that one of the contestants leaked the story and the photo above for a cool $10,000.  Obviously Chris couldn’t have leaked the information since he claims he wasn’t invited to the party, but some are still suspicious since it was rumored that he was leaking spoilers and backstage gossip about the other contestants to forum poster early on in the season (including information about Phil Stacey being DQ’ed and then let back into the competition).

I really don’t care which of the idols were getting high, but I would LOVE to know who this mole is! Any bets?

In the mean time, Chris Sligh vows to stop blogging. For now.

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