Hugh Hefner Thinks Kate Middleton is Hot!

Posted by PZ on June 8th, 2011


Hugh Hefner is jealous of Prince William: he thinks Kate Middeton is hot! In a recent interview, notorious Playboy founder Hefner commented on William’s new wife, stating that he thinks Kate is beautiful and he even believes she would make a good Playboy Bunny:

“As a bunny you mean? Absolutely. She’s a beautiful little lady and very glamorous.”

Commenting on the wedding itself, Hugh says that the wedding was really romantic:

“I thought the royal wedding was such a glamorous event. We could do with more of that kind of thing nowadays – it injects a little romance into people.”

Even though Hugh has always loved blondes, he does say that he also has a thing for brunettes, especially because most blondes usually start out as brunettes anyway! He said:

“Because I’ve been in my blonde period for so long, people get the impression they’re all I really care about. But my first wife was a brunette and besides, the truth is that most blondes began as brunettes.”

I don’t see Kate doing Playboy anytime too soon (unless things go belly up) but wouldn’t it be the best selling issue of Playboy ever? Probably!

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