Howard Stern Proves American Idol Is Rigged

Posted by Kimberly on May 11th, 2007


Or at least he’d like us to think he has. After the whole VFTW/Sanjaya fiasco Howard Stern is still trying to get in on the AI action by saying Lakisha’s elimination was peplanned. Actually this rumor has been floating around for weeks now, saying that a source backstage saw them editing Lakisha’s video around week seven. But now Howard is saying Lakisha’s plane ticket was purchased before she was even voted out.

Now this doesn’t add up for a few reasons…..aren’t ALL of the contestants going home this week? And even despite that, why would Lakisha go home when she has press to do like all the other eliminated contestants? As much as I’d love solid proof that the show is rigged, I think this rumor has been officially debunked.

In OTHER Idol news…


Sanjaya will be performing at a professional gig (yes, you actually have to PAY to see it) at the 106.1 Girls Night Out show in Seattle. Um, GIRLS night out? I’m not even going to go there. Anyways, tickets can be purchased here and I’ve already heard some of Sanjaya’s obsessive fans are flying half way across the country to see him. Wow.



And lastly I just HAD to post these pictures of Chris holding Phil’s baby. How adorable is that?!

Picture credit to IDF

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