“Hold It Against Me” Video So Good It Needs To Be Explained

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

Britney Spears’ puzzling,  disgustingly consumer-oriented video so brilliant, it needs to be explained by Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph.

The video’s promo is Britney,  among Sony televisions, brand name perfumes, plenty of fish placements and COMETS,  fighting a double of herself.  Yeah, I know, pretty groundbreaking/ridiculous as all hell.

Larry Rudolph explains,

“There are really two different Britneys.  There’s a public Britney and there’s a private Britney, and they’re very different…Maybe the world doesn’t really know that – maybe those of us who do know her really well understand that, but there really are two different Britneys. Maybe at some times the two Britneys are at odds with each other; most of the time they’re not.”

So…there are two different Britneys…but they’re sort of the same, most of the time.  Wow, how insightful. Anyhow, if your eyes like to bleed, check it out:

\”Hold It Against Me\”

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