Heath Ledger Dies

Posted by Tiff on January 22nd, 2008


TMZ.com is reporting that actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York residence today. MSNBC has added to the report, saying the actor was found with pills surrounding him. The news hit the AP wire just minutes ago, and it seems this story is sadly true.

Ledger was engaged to actress Michelle Williams, before their separation in 2007. The two had a daughter, Matilda, together. Ledger also played the Joker in the latest ‘Batman’ movie.

Kim: Wow. I came off of the internet for about 15 minutes tops and then I come back and hear this. NO ONE saw this coming; I’m in disbelief.

MSNBC is also saying he was found unconscious by his housekeeper at Mary Kate Olsen’s apartment around 3:30 eastern. He was taking over the counter sleeping medication and it’s possible that his death was suicide.

TMZ is now saying that his death as accident, according to the cops.


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