Heath Ledger’s OTHER Child?

Posted by Chrissie on April 1st, 2008

It seems that Heath Ledger may have a long lost child, according to one of his uncles who is being described as ‘estranged’. Back in ‘the day’, well before Michelle Williams, at the ripe age of 17 Heath supposedly had a relationship with a 25 year old girl who became pregnant. She later gave birth to a little girl.

Haydn, the estranged uncle, says there is a very real possibility the love child is Heath’s, but Heath’s immediate, AKA not estranged family, has not made comment about it. The rumor though has been known within the family for some time, and though Haydn is not confirming it, he IS not shy about saying it’s a possibility.

Could Mr. Haydn be looking for a little time in the spotlight perhaps? Hmm, you have to wonder when relatives come crawling out of the wood works after a celebrity death. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

If this does come to fruition, it could make things worse for an already bad estate situation. Heath’s will had no mention of Matilda, which is not uncommon if parents do not update their will’s after the birth of a child, and his entire estate was left to his immediate family – mom, dad, and 3 sisters.

Heath’s dad has said Matilda will be taken care of, but there is still quite a bit of uncertainty there. The will situation hasn’t hit the courts yet, so the families feud on. Nice. Nothing like letting a poor man rest in peace, and letting that poor little girl move on with the long life she has ahead.


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