Gwyneth Paltrow Makes the Driest Joke of All Time About British Accents

Posted by PZ on April 22nd, 2013


Gwyneth Paltrow is only slightly annoying at the best of times. The actress, who these days also writes cooking books filled with super expensive recipes no one can afford, has spoken on some more of her foodie opinions, and she has a bone to pick with the British. She says that after living in the UK for the last decade she has grown to adore the accent but hates how they pronounce the word pasta. She then proceeds to make the driest joke ever about how she hopes her children don’t say pasta the “wrong” way:

“I’ve lived in England for 10 years and the accent is the most beautiful in the world, except for how you pronounce pasta as pass-ta instead of pah-sta. I’m sort of joking when I say this but I really don’t want my children speaking that way.”

Gwyneth also comments on wanting to make real food for her children instead of horribly processed Oreos (has she even tried Oreos, because those who hate on them are evil) but she insists she isn’t so fussy and allows her kids to eat crap some times, because she’s totally cool and not that uptight (yeah, sure):

“All I do is try to eat and cook real food, the way our ancestors would. It’s funny how people react, as if it’s revolutionary that I don’t want my children to eat Oreos, or the English equivalent, every day. I believe in real food, things being delicious, and butter, in minimally processed delicious foods and raw milk cheese and properly raised chicken and line-caught fish. But I’m a realist and I have kids and I love Oreos too, so honestly I’m not rigid at all.”

WTF is wrong with her? Who bloody cares about these stupid pedantic food rules she’s magicked up, really? She takes herself too seriously. Just eat normal and healthy Gwyneth, and don’t worry so much. Your kids are bound to end up “mispronouncing” pasta but the world won’t end.

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