Gerard Butler Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth A Little Bit

Posted by Moxie on July 12th, 2010

42490, DETROIT, MICHIGAN - Monday July 12 2010. Gerard Butler sporting a rather fine mullet as he shoots scenes for the forthcoming thriller Machine Gun Preacher in Michigan. The fact-based drama sees the Scotish hunk as Sam Childers, an outlaw who renounces his bad ways and becomes a warrior for the desperate and helpless children in a war-torm African country. Photograph: Smith, Steinberg,

What is this man’s appeal? He ALWAYS looks like he smells like tacos and beer sweats, plus whiffs of some funky fungus sprouting in his crevices. There are women who would punch their grandmothers in the face for a chance to sleep with this guy, yet I’m pretty sure I would commit seppuku with a filed-down spork before he got anywhere near me.

Anyway, here is Gerard Butler looking like vaguely-human-shaped filth on the set of his new movie, which is probably a lame-ass romantic comedy starring an utterly beige, whiny actress…wait, what? It’s called Machine Gun Preacher? Based on the true story of a drug-dealing biker who found God and has saved hundreds of Sudanese children from lives as foot soldiers or sex slaves? Well, hell.

Fine, Gerard, you get a pass from me for today. You’re still disgusting, but this could be a decent movie. Try not to screw it up with your generally atrocious American accent.

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