Someone Made Fake Photos of Darren Criss & Joe Jonas Holding Hands

Some Photoshopping genius put together a bunch of fake photos of Joe Jonas and Glee star Darren Criss holding hands and posted them on Facebook, starting rumors that Joe was officially out of the closet and embarking on a new relationship with Darren. From the red hearts strewn all over the photos, someone should have guessed these were an obvious fake, not to mention that the outfits change in every picture which would suggest they’ve gone out multiple times holding hands. The photos are actually of Joe Jonas holding hands with former girlfriend Ashley Greene – the computer whiz simply took her out of the picture and added in Darren instead.

Both Joe and Darren have previously said they’re not gay, but the fake couple actually look great together. Seriously good. Darren said in the past: “I define myself as a straight male” while Joe said that there is nothing wrong with being gay but “I’m not.”