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Funny Photo of the Day: Mark Wahlberg Gets a Spray Tan on his Balcony

We all know deep down that most celeb guys aren’t naturally that delicious golden color they sport for various official occasions, even though they turn up on the red carpet looking like they’ve spent one half of their life living in a hut in the Mediterranean (George Clooney, you are guilty). Mark Wahlberg, much like most other celeb guys, likes to get a good, deep spray tan to cover up whatever sickly grey color he really is. Here he is getting a spray tan on his hotel balcony, standing in a pair of tight black undies as he slowing turns brown.

Some things to note. 1) that woman has the greatest job in the world, period. 2) Mark doesn’t look too happy that the paparazzi are getting it all on film, which is a shame because otherwise these are hawwwt.

Does anyone still think men are weird if they invest some time and effort into their looks? Those people are simply backwards, because if Mark Wahlberg didn’t care about looking browner, we wouldn’t have these photos, and we wouldn’t be able to fantasize about his possibly fake sprayed on abs either. Guys who care are the way to go.