Frances Bean Cobain Debuts New Artwork

Posted by PZ on July 15th, 2010

Rock princess Frances Bean Cobain hangs out with friends in New York City, New York on August 20, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc

Frances Bean Cobain, otherwise known as the daughter of Courtney Love and Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain has recently made her debut into the art world with her first ever gallery showing. Frances named the show Scumfuck, which is currently showing at L.A.’s La Luz De Jesus Gallery. Her work is still obviously in the development stages, and present a quite bleak look at humanity – raw sketches of deformed, malnourished and tattooed humans form the focal of the show, with captions such as “Treat me like your mother or I’ll eat the sun.”

Although these are in no way startling, they do show that Frances has a raw talent which could develop into something slightly more gallery worthy. Kurt Cobain sadly passed away after committing suicide in 1994,  but he also had a raw artistic talent which can be seen through some of his sketches published in Journals by Kurt Cobain. When comparing both of their styles, there is obvious parallels – and Frances has clearly inherited some of her father’s talent. Want to see what some of her work looks like? Check it out here.

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