Fergie Puts on Pounds For Role

Posted by Chrissie on November 14th, 2008

Black Eyed Peas star Fergie has been a little under the radar lately but that is because she has been working very hard on her latest film. Many people know and love this hot mega star for her gorgeous figure and smoking hot body. And this next film will definitely win her more fans no doubt, but die hard Fergie fans are going to love a little more of her. At least 13 pounds more of her to be exact, as Fergie has been forced to put on weight for her new role. Fergie will be playing in the film adapted version of the Tony Award winning musical ‘Nine’ and her character is the prostitute Saraghina.

For the role, Fergie has had to put on some weight and she’s already begun to stress about it. She loved the process of putting on weight, and like many would, found it very easy. Her favourite things to indulge in were fish and chips, anything fried, pumpkin pie, and specifically, home made whipped cream. She said she even indulged in whipped cream for breakfast! Oh! If we could all get paid to get fat!! Fergie will be playing alongside Nicole Kidman in the movie, and many are saying she is on the Oscar track with this one. But it’s not the role or her career that is on her mind, she has already begun worrying about losing the weight.

She is currently engaged to fiancé Josh Duhamel, and is on the get slim fast track to be skinny again before the big wedding day. She’s gone back to giving up the ‘bad foods’ and is using food delivery services to whittle down her figure. She is learning how to do creative things with food, and splurging on gravy with low fat turkey, and indulging in big green salads for her diet designs. But this new role is touted to be a biggie for Fergie, and I think that her fans are going to be so wowed by it all, that they aren’t going to be thinking about her dress size, but rather, her unbelievable talent.


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