Fergie Isn’t a Control Freak When it Comes to Food

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Fergie, who is currently taking some time off from her singing career, has spoken on her healthy relationship with food. The Black Eyed Peas singer says she doesn’t get obsessive when it comes to eating – she just watches what she eats and allows herself a treat every once and a while too:

“I’m one of those girls who’s not psychotic about what I eat. I’ll watch what I eat, but I’ll let myself cheat once in a while, too.”

Fergie also says that she maintains her trim figure by working out regularly, which she advises everyone to do to stay healthy:

“A little bit of play and a little bit of work, but always make sure you get your workout in. It’s about being healthy but still having fun.”

Speaking on her career break, Fergie says she is enjoying her time off, and is currently working on finishing decorating her home:

“I want to finish decorating my home head to toe and finish my closet. It’s a long, long process putting the female touch on the house!”