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Fan Bingbing Not Afraid to Take Red Carpet Fashion Risks


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing always impresses on the red carpet and has recently been turning heads at the Cannes Film Festival with her unique fashion choices. Speaking on how she styles herself, Fan comments that she loves to use fashion as an expression and feels it is something to be enjoyed, not taken too seriously. She also doesn’t fear wearing something risky that people might not like and thinks it’s all about personality:

“There should be a sense of ease and more of a playful feeling to it. If you play with it, then you will enjoy the process. If you take it too seriously, then it’s almost like you need to give it life. That’s very hard to do with a dress. How much depth do you expect from a dress? That’s a hard thing to do. If you make it your own, style it with knowledge and expression, then that’s your strength.”

The actress often wears pieces inspired by China and works closely with designer Christopher Bu, but she says it is important to get the right look because not everything from the country belongs on a dress and the cultural element must be dealt with appropriately to look good. She explained that a careful understanding must be used:

“The Chinese elements are something that you need to feel with your heart because not all things Chinese are suitable to apply to a dress. It really depends. Applying Chinese elements to fashion takes an understanding of the Chinese culture and heritage. You need to understand how to apply them. You need to do it appropriately.”