The X Factor Week 9 Performances

Posted by Angela on December 5th, 2010

It’s the semifinal on The X Factor with five acts left. This week, the acts will be signing “club classics” and a “song to get them to the final!”

Source: ITV

My Overall Rankings for the Week:
1. Matt
2. One Direction
3. Rebecca
4. Cher
5. Mary
My pick to leave: Mary, but it could be anyone since there hasn’t been a shock elimination since Aiden.

Matt Cardle – “You’ve Got the Love” and “Always a Woman”
“You’ve Got the Love”
“Always a Woman”
Matt is apparently sick with tonsilities and has been bedridden for most of the week, which is worrisome. I still think he sounds great though, and does pretty well. Simon decides to throw some shade and call his second performance one of his worst, which I completely disagree with. Dannii calls it “tactics,” a polite way of saying “sabotage,” which I do agree with since his only group left botched the performance before Matt’s. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make it through to the final.

Cher Lloyd – “Nothin’ On You” and “Love the Way You Lie”
“Nothin’ On You”
“Love the Way You Lie”
Cheryl’s let Cher pick both of her songs herself this week, and I always get worried when they say that in the pre-performance clip because it doesn’t seem like Cher has the best taste in music. She’s rapping in both songs and back to the original her, but Dannii tells her she would have liked to see her sing a ballad for her second song. I agree since both these songs are a mix of singing and rapping. Something different would have been nice. She gives Dannii some lip though, which I don’t like since Dannii’s my favorite judge. My other problem with Cher is that she’s always saying that she isn’t actually as cocky as she seems in her performances and doesn’t have an attitude, but it really seems to me that she does. I think she could possibly go, but it’s still fairly unlikely.

Mary Byrne – “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “The Way We Were”
“Never Can Say Goodbye”
“The Way We Were”
Mary did not deliver for me tonight. I agree with Simon when he said that her first song should have been more contemporary. Louis isn’t doing her any favors with the song choices. While it sounds great, my interest in her is just decreasing with every performance. She clearly can sing, but I’m just not sure how big the market is for someone like her, especially considering that there’s already a Susan Boyle. I’m sure she’s the favorite to leave tomorrow, but I’m still half-expecting a “shock elimination.”

Rebecca Ferguson – “Show Me Love” and “Amazing Grace”
“Show Me Love”
“Amazing Grace”
Rebecca has been one of my favorites throughout the competition, but as time goes on, I just find myself getting bored with her. I want to like her, but every performance is the same to me. I adore her voice and “Show Me Love” is a bit different from her usual performances, but it’s not enough for me to want her to win. I just don’t know how successful she would be as a recording artist. She’s great, but I wouldn’t want to go to her concert.

One Direction – “Only Girl (in the World)” and “Chasing Cars”
“Only Girl (in the World)”
“Chasing Cars”
Simon’s been sick this past week too, so One Direction gets Cheryl as a mentor. Poor Zayn also lost his grandfather and wasn’t with the boys to practice all week. I so want One Direction to make the final. They’re just so endearing to me, and I can’t lie… I also want boy bands to make a comeback. The first song is horrendous. Not sure who picked it, but their mentor for their week, Cheryl, criticizes the song, so I’m guessing it wasn’t her. I have to agree. Unfortunately, it just sounds like Kidz Bop to me. Luckily, the boys totally bring it for the second song and it’s amazing. Pretty sure that was enough to get them through to the final though!

I’ll never forget the shock elimination of Ruth Lorenzo of Series 5 at Top 5, so I’m mentally preparing myself for a shock elimination. I’m just hoping it’s not Matt or 1D. What did you think of the semifinal?

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