The X Factor Week 8 Performances

Posted by Angela on November 29th, 2010

We’re down to just seven acts and it’s Rock Week on The X Factor. Plus, it’s a double elimination week and each act is performing two songs this week!

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My Overall Rankings for the Week:
1. Matt
2. One Direction
3. Rebecca
4. Cher
5. Mary
6. Wagner
7. Katie
My pick to leave: Katie and Wagner. I will throw something if either scrapes by into the semi-final.

Wagner – “Creep”

No dancers for this performance! It’s a welcome change and I actually think this is his best performance yet. Not that that’s really saying anything. Dannii adds some snark by commenting that he really connected with the song, which Louis seems to take offense to.

Wagner – “Addicted to Love”
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Back to normal with Wagner and the dancers. Not remotely interesting to me.

One Direction – “Summer of ’69”

The boys are obviously way too young for this song. They sing it well, but it’s not their best. I’ve liked some of their slower performances better. At least it’s a legitimate rock song though. Apparently, Harry (the curly one) picked this song for the band, so props to him for taking some control of their song choices.

One Direction – “You Are So Beautiful To Me”

Not sure if this song really counts as rock at all, but it sounds good to me. I like that they’re balancing out the high-energy first performance with this one. They didn’t really need a band to sing this one though, it just sounds like a bunch of solos. Niall and Louis basically do nothing through the whole performance, which is a little bit frustrating. Personally, I am dying to hear Louis sing. Anyone that watches videos featuring him on the ITV site knows he’s full of personality, but we have yet to hear his singing voice. He can’t be that bad if he made it through the initial auditions on his own though!

Mary Byrne – “All I Want is You”

Pretty good one from Mary this week. I wasn’t sure since most rock songs don’t fit her style. It was dull, but I thought it was sung well and should be enough to get her through.

Mary Byrne – “Brass in Pocket”
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It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but still not great. Very different performance from Mary, one that I didn’t really get. The awkward dancing didn’t really work for her and the outfit really caught me off-guard. Still, she’s someone that deserves to get through to the semi-final in my opinion.

Cher Lloyd – “Girlfriend”

This song is really a stretch for me. Cheryl justifies it by saying it’s a “pop rock” song, but it’s pure pop in my opinion. And she’s had Diana Vickers do this one in the 5th series. I’ve liked her past few looks and performances, but she’s getting back to the huge hair and all and I don’t like it. I could definitely do without her rapping as well.

Cher Lloyd – “Walk This Way”
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I’m surprised by the song choice but honestly, Cheryl and Cher both made it sound like a much bigger song in the pre-performance video. It’s not a particularly challenging song in my opinion. Her hair is huge, she’s got dancers again, and I’m brought back to her first few performances. I don’t mind it, and I still think Cher deserves to go to the semis, if not further, but it’s certainly not my favorite performance of hers. What’s interesting is that Cher was in the middle of the line-up the first time through, but switches with Katie to go last the second time through. We all know that whoever performs last is almost always safe. Very telling decision from Cheryl.

Rebecca Ferguson – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

Rebecca says she was nervous last week because the Beatles are from Liverpool, just like her, and she wanted to do them justice. Anyway, most improved for the week goes to her outfit. She looks great. The staging is the usual, dramatic but understated. I think it’s great but uninteresting. I absolutely adore her voice, but I would not want to go to her concerts or anything.

Rebecca Ferguson – “Satisfaction”
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Rebecca says she wants to show that she can do something different with this song choice. I’m not feeling the leather dress or the back-up singers, but we all know she can sing. It’s definitely more interesting to hear her take on this song than her first.

Matt Cardle – “I Love Rock N Roll”

Not the best we’ve heard from Matt, but I like it overall. The last note was a doozy though. Much better to see him fully clothed this week as well, it was weird seeing him in just the wifebeater last time. Are these dancers going to be a regular thing for him now though? He just seems out of place flanked by them. It’s much better for me when he’s up on stage by himself.

Matt Cardle – “Knights in White Satin”
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Huge improvement on this performance. This is the way I like Matt best. Just sitting there with a guitar singing. It’s where he looks most comfortable. This is probably one of his best performances yet. I thought it was really great. No doubt in my mind that he’ll be in the semis.

Katie Waissel – “Sex on Fire”

I don’t really care to comment on Katie’s performance. I can’t stand her and am so ready for her to go. What I will comment on is Dannii’s comment that Katie looks different every week and says every week that it’s the “real Katie.” My thoughts exactly. And this is why Dannii is my favorite judge.

Katie Waissel – “Everybody Hurts”
Click to watch if you’re ready to sit through some horror
Katie is far overdue to go. That’s all I have to say about her.

A big bunch of mediocre performances in my opinion. What did you think about Rock Week on The X Factor? Who are your favorites at this point?

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