The X Factor Final Four Revealed!

Posted by Angela on December 6th, 2010

The X Factor Week 9 results show just aired last night and now we have our final four! Check out my review of The X Factor’s semifinal performance show. Spoilers under the cut, obviously.

Source: ITV

The show opens with a few performances. Former The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is up first and all I can see is that forehead. She is someone that needs bangs, in my opinion… This haircut is not working out for her.

Next we see the cast of Glee perform. It sounds a bit weird and I think they might be lip-syncing or at least singing over their own track. I did enjoy seeing Amber Riley get up in Simon’s face for a high note though! For those that don’t know, she’s actually an American Idol reject… Simon must be regretting that one right about now.

The Black Eyed Peas perform too. I’m pretty apathetic about them so whatever. Not feeling this new song much either.

Finally, it’s time for the results. I can’t believe there are only five groups left! Dermot announces that Cher Lloyd and Mary Byrne are in the bottom two, and it’s pretty obvious to me that Mary is gone. To my surprise, Dermot says that the judges will still have a say and be deciding who goes home tonight. What? I’m not happy with this. Aren’t the eliminations traditionally based solely on viewers’ votes when it gets to the Top 5? There’s already only two weeks left of the competition.

Whatever. Anyway, Mary takes us back to her first performance with “It’s a Man’s World.” That was arguably her best performance for me, and I enjoyed it the second time as well. Cher decides to sing “Everytime” by Britney, which is just weak. It’s almost like the song is too low for her in the beginning. I’m also not a fan of how whiny her voice sounds in the higher registers. Apparently, the judges love it though. They end up all voting to send Cher through to the final except Louis, who of course backs his own act.

Mary’s eliminated, and Louis’s the first mentor eliminated.The final four is Matt Cardle, One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson, and Cher Lloyd! I’m definitely happy with it, but I hate that there’s going to be a final four instead of a final two. It seems obvious to me that Cher isn’t going to win at this point, since she’s been in the bottom two twice and the others have never been in the bottom. I’m thinking it’ll come down to Matt and One Direction, though I might be biased since they’re my favorite acts left. Still, it’s kind of anyone’s game at this point and I’m more than excited for next week’s performances.

What’s your favorite of The X Factor final four? Sound off below!

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