Fabricated Story of the Day: Jennifer Lopez Wants to Get Pregnant

Posted by PZ on June 15th, 2012

In completely made up news, apparently Jennifer Lopez is desperate to make a baby with her probably irresponsible toy boy, Casper Smart. So, this could be true, but it’s probably not, because we all know that a lavish wedding is likely to go down before these things happen, just to make it nice and secure that he can take half when he bales later. A source says differently though, insisting that Jennifer has baby fever and wants to get preggers fast:

“Jennifer has always dreamed of having three or four kids. Jennifer and Casper spend all their spare time together – and he is crazy about the twins, he’s a great substitute dad, and the twins love to play with him. They’re already like a family.”

Even though just a few months ago, Casper said he wasn’t ready to start a family with Jennifer just yet, this source seems to think he is rapidly changing his mind on the subject because he’s enjoying being a fake dad so much, and we all know the more time you spend changing diapers and listening to tantrums makes you want more of it:

“He’s now had a change of heart after seeing what an amazing mom J.Lo is to the twins.”

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