Exclusive Interview: Natalia Kills Speaks to GTS

Posted by PZ on August 14th, 2011

English singer-songwriter Natalia Kills has burst onto the music scene with her debut album Perfectionist, crammed with screaming pop beats, rich vocals and boundless attitude. Her recent collaboration with Will.i.am on the song ‘Free’ has cemented her rise to the top. In our exclusive interview with Natalia, she speaks on her influences, career highlights and more.

GirlsTalkinSmack: Why did you choose to pursue a career in music?
Natalia Kills: I kept getting fired from my jobs because I focused on music so much. So it was either, be a total bum and make music, or write an album and make my life and career around it…

GTS:  Who would you say your most prominent musical influences are?
NK: I love emotional artists… people who write honestly about their opinions and experiences. I love Kate Bush and Alanis Morissette- their joy and pain is so refreshing and timeless.

GTS:  In your opinion, what has been the highlight of your career so far?
NK: Actually releasing my album. And having such a huge response to it.

GTS: What drives you to succeed as a musician?
NK: The only kind of success that matters is happiness. I’m so proud of myself as a writer and I feel so blessed to be able to express my message. Have gone through such tough times and bad experiences is definitely something that drives me to keep going.

GTS: Your style stands out as completely original – what kind of clothes are you drawn to? Who are your favorite designers?
NK: Thank you!!! Flattery will get you everywhere 😉 …I love Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Wang. I also love Jeremy Scott and I collect a lot of vintage and thrift pieces.

GTS: Ever had a star-struck moment?
NK: I saw Quentin Tarantino sitting 3 rows in front of me in the cinema by my house. He’s my ultimate dream collaboration and a huge inspiration to me… when i realized it was him laughing hysterically at all the saddest parts of the film I almost fainted on the floor.

GTS: What are some of your daily essentials you can’t live without?
NK: Matt orange lipstick, a book by Oscar Wilde (whatever i’m currently reading- right now its “the importance of being Ernest”), vintage earrings and a lover to take me home at the end of the night.

GTS: If you could perform or collaborate with any musician, who would you choose?
NK: I love Kanye West… he’s brilliant.

GTS: Your album is titled ‘Perfectionist’ – would you say you are one?
NK: Yes!!! It’s my greatest downfall… I’m overly self critical and struggle to be satisfied, but it/s the source of all my ambition and passion. It’s the best and worst of all my traits…

Natalia Kills’ debut album ‘Perfectionist’ is out now. 

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