Eva Mendes Looks Annoyingly Perfect as She Shops in West Hollywood

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There are plenty of celebrities that look great a lot of the time, but there is one star who never, ever looks less than flawless – she is a vision of perfection, even when walking her dog and taking a simple shopping trip. The star in question? It is the amazing Eva Mendes, who has not only figured out exactly what her unique personal style is, but she rocks it fantastically day-in, day-out, making everyone else look way less perfect in comparison – how does she do it? Here she is wearing a plain white t-shirt (which looks nicer than other plain white t-shirts!), a mid-length brown polka-dot skirt and a tan waist belt.

She’s completed the outfit with a 50’s style wrap hairband, her favourite blue sunglasses and a gorgeous tan shoulder bag, which is a beautiful vintage inspired design. Eva’s style is so unique, effortless and flattering – it stands out but not in an obvious attention-seeking way. No wonder Eva managed to ensnare the finest man in all of Hollywood (Ryan Gosling, obviously) – she seems to radiate from the inside out and looks beautiful without even trying.