Emma Stone Wants to be Treated “Like a Human Being”


Emma Stone finds it disturbing to be treated like a zoo animal! The actress says that people react differently when they see her, but it is often in a way that she doesn’t like. They either act too kindly to her for no reason or else point and stare which she calls the “zoo animal” treatment. She comments that she would like it if she was just treated like another human being and wasn’t given too much attention:

”When people say something, it’s really nice. When people whisper or point, and you feel like you’re a zoo animal, then it’s scary and odd, because it’s alienating. When someone comes up to you and treats you like a human being, then you feel like you’re connecting.”

Emma also says that she often feels overwhelmed by her status in Hollywood because it took her a long time to achieve what she first set out to do and that for a while she just took whatever came her way. Now she’s just anxious to see what the future holds and is choosing her roles carefully:

”When I think about that (my position in Hollywood), it makes me feel so overwhelmed. For so long, it’s just auditioning and taking what roles come to you. You take the opportunities as they come. It’s also overwhelming to know what to do next. To jump and fail requires a lot of bravery that I hope I can summon up.”