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Elle Macpherson Isn’t Worried About Turning 50

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson isn’t scared of turning 50 -probably because she doesn’t look like she’s even 30 yet! Elle says that youth doesn’t have to equate to beauty, so aging isn’t something that worries her and she is glad to have had a life full of amazing experiences, while she hopes she has plenty more experiences ahead in her life:

”I don’t believe that youth equals beauty or beauty equals youth. How I feel, how well I am is more important to me. It doesn’t bother me becoming 50 at all, the alternative is death, so that is not an option. I rather like the idea of flowing on with life. I have had amazing life experiences and hopefully another 50 years of experiences ahead of me.”

Elle says she is currently “love up” with everything – she is enjoying being with her current partner and is happiest around her children and having fun outside, while she also still very much in love with her job as a model even after such an extensive career:

”Love is where it’s at for me. Love for my children, for my partner, for my friends, for the great outdoors, for health and wellness, for the work I do and family. So yes, in my life today I am definitely loved up.”