Dsquared Designers Think Canadian Inspiration is “Unique Selling Point”

Posted by admin on September 12th, 2017


image001Twin design duo Dan and Dean Caten, founders of the Canadian fashion label Dsquared who show their fashion collections as part of Milan Fashion Week, have opened up on how their home country has influenced them greatly when it comes to their designs. Dan commented that they source many ideas from the country because it gives them a unique selling point in the fashion industry:

“I definitely think Canada’s a big influence for us. It’s our little bit of individuality inside [the] fashion industry, so we kind of milk it, and we work it, and it’s ours… We like to wave our flag whenever possible.”


Commenting on releasing lower priced pieces under their brand such as sunglasses and perfumes, Dan adds that making these products available opens them up to a whole new customer: ”

[They’re] more accessible as far as price point. Eyewear and fragrances are always the two first things that are easy for someone with more of a budget.”

Roberto Martone, CEO of Italian manufacturer ICR which produces the Dsquared collections, commented that the designers have always been very active in the creation of their fragrances and want to be involved in the creative process for everything they release:

“I have to say that the inspiration for each perfume really has always started with Dean and Dan. We work very closely with them, they want to be involved in every stage of the process, from the outset…They’re really active, they want to participate, smell the fragrances. They don’t limit themselves to the final selection – they want to step in at the beginning.”

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